Create a wafer-thin crepe every time!

Always feel hard to make a perfect crepe for breakfast?


All you need is Quick Cooker™ Non-stick Crepe Maker. It can help you to make crepes in easy way.


You can now make crepes effortlessly in the comfort of your homes.


It is portable. You can flip the crepe on the plate easily.


Easy to use, much safer and hassle-free when you don't feel like going to stove.


Make delicious pancakes, spring rolls, roast duck rolls, mango pancakes, crepes and so much more!



Unplug the appliance and let it cool down.

Wipe the appliance with wet soft cloth/sponge and then wipe dry.

Do not clean the cooking plate with hard brushes, scrubs to avoid damage of the coating.

Warning! Do not wash the appliance under the running water.



Unplug the appliance, keep it in a dry cool place, far from children.


Do not press the appliance with heavy objects to avoid damage.


The cooking plate gets hot during operation. To avoid burning, do not touch hot surface, but operate only with handle.

Keep the appliance 1 meter away from the combustible materials such as furniture, cushions, bedding, paper, clothes, curtains, etc.

Do not cover the appliance by any items to damage of the appliance or fire.
Never expose the appliance to fall down or to be kicked.

If the surface of the appliance is cracked, unplug it to avoid the possibility of the electric shock and get it back to authorized service center.

Never use the appliance with wet bands and in the wet place.




Smart appearance, simple mechanism, easy operation, it's only take 15 seconds to make one crepe.


Design for family, stable performance, high-efficiency, save on time


Non-stick coating for easy cleaning


Automatic temperature control


Switch with indicator light for easy operating


Cool touch handle



Material: Die Cast Aluminum


Heating Side: Single-side


Voltage (V): 220V


Power (W): <1000W



Package Includes:
1 x Quick Cooker™ Non-stick Crepe Maker

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