Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper
Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper

Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper

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Did you know that 85% of all people DO NOT  clean their tongue properly?


NO matter how much you brush your teeth and gums, without taking care of your tongue, you are still leaving A LOT  of bacteria behind in your mouth. Brushing the tongue with your toothbrush is an INEFFECTIVE  approach and short lived. 


But for something more DIRECT and EFFECTIVE, the Tongue PRO™ Tongue Scraper is exactly what you need to get rid of bad smelling bacteria on your tongue for a fresher, LONG  lasting breath.




Tongue PRO™ ALLOWS  you to run it across the tongue to scrape off any residue and bacteria on the top of the tongue, leaving it feeling cleaner. By doing so, you can also get rid of the bacteria that cause bad breath, as it tends to linger on the tongue.


It's strong, durable, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and very EASY  to use as it gently and effectively removes the debris on the surface. Is also LIGHTWEIGHT  and adjustable to fit ANY  size mouth and perfect for being on the go. The curved design and smooth surface CREATE  the perfect shape to reach your ENTIRE tongue.


HOW TO USE: The best way for you to use a scraper is to scrape the tongue from as far back as is comfortable for you to the front. You will then flick and rinse off the scraper and do the motion again. It should only take you 10 or 20 seconds to clean your tongue. If you're using a gel or foam in conjunction with a scraper, you can apply this to your tongue immediately before scraping.




It's RECOMMENDED that you scrape your tongue once a day, preferably before brushing your teeth and using mouthwash.


A simple, powerful tool to help you get rid of bad breath.

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